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Flex VRA Light Up Monitor
Flex VRA On Screen Menu

You asked for it.  We built it. 

The ability to tailor each VRA's sound and video options at your fingertips.  

On-Screen Touch Menu

Zoned Wireless Remote Control

Simplifed in design with increased functionality

Response Time (from button press to activation): .25 seconds

Battery: 2 AAA Batteries

Battery Life: 1-1.5 years

Number of Remotes that can pair to each system: 2

Number of Remotes that come with each system: 2

Flex VRA Remote Control
Flex VRA Remote Control
Flex VRA LED Monitor
Flex VRA LED Monitor
Flex VRA SRT board provides moving images with sound in response to touch.

Dynamic SRT Pictured Words Board

An SRT board that moves and has sound in response to touch!

Watch Demo

Flex VRA diagrams allow the user to display diagrams on the VRA screen

Diagrams Application

Display diagrams of the ear for counseling or upload your own images!

5 years ago, Flex VRA was made to address one audiologist's simple request:

"It would be really cool if someone made a VRA that would let me control what stimuli is displayed."

So, we built it.  Then she told her colleague about it and we built it again. And again.  Now, over 500 systems later, Flex has become one of the most sought-after tools utilized by pediatric audiologists.

And in the last five years, there have been more "It would be really cool if..." requests from all over the world.  So, we built it.

VRA Reinvented, again.


I absolutely love Flex VRA!!! Complete game changer.  I turn the screens on before I bring the child in.  It creates a better environment and keeps them distracted during otoscopy and tympanometry.  Genius!!  


I LOVE this system.  My nurses even commented on how modern and engaging it is compared to our older system.  I'm one happy customer!


Everyone really likes it! We really like the up-to-date video clips and having the volume control.

Video Credit to e3 Med-Acoustics for the amazing installation!

How it works

GSI Audiostar Pro Integration

Control your Flex VRA activation directly from the buttons on your Grason-Stadler (GSI) Audiostar Pro.

Screen Mirror

Use your VRA screen to double as an in-booth monitor.  This assists with counseling or performing audiometry in the booth.

Custom Content

Effortlessly load any custom content in any video format to utlize during visual reinforcement testing


Perform operant controlled VRA with the push of our light up button!

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