VRA reinvented


Flexibility.  It's what continues to guide our design of Flex VRA, because every patient and testing environment is different.  Flex VRA takes flexibility to the next level — giving audiologists options and features to give their patients an effective and engaging hearing test. By offering multiple stimulus options, complete volume control from the remote, touchscreen controls, and distract mode to be utilized during OAE, tympanometry, and otoscopy, Flex VRA delivers audiologists the most comprehensive visual reinforcement audiometry system available.

How it works

Choose your size

Flex VRA are equipped with your choice of the standard 15" monitors or 10" monitors to accommodate all sound booth environments.  



Flex VRA integrates into the VRA buttons on the Grason-Stadler GSI Audiostar Pro as well as the ability to be controlled from a computers keyboard while computerized audiometry is being performed. 

Custom Content

Effortlessly load any custom content in any video format to utlize during visual reinforcement testing




I absolutely love Flex VRA!!! Complete game changer.  I turn the screens on before I bring the child in.  It creates a better environment and keeps them distracted during otoscopy and tympanometry.  Genius!!  



I LOVE this system.  My nurses even commented on how modern and engaging it is compared to our older system.  I'm one happy customer!



Everyone really likes it! We really like the up-to-date video clips and having the volume control.


Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase Flex VRA?

To facilitate installation, training, and follow up support, Flex VRA is sold through authorized audiometric equipment distributors in select countries. In instances where there is not a perferred local distributor in your area, please reach out to us at sales@flexvra.com to see if we can assist you needs directly. To find the distributor for your area, please click the "Find A Distributor" link at the footer of this page.

How much does Flex VRA cost?

For an exact cost for Flex VRA including shipping, installation and any training that may be needed, please contact your local distributor by using the "Find A Distributor" link at the footer of this page.

What configuration options are available?

Flex VRA has three standard configurations: RCL (Right, Left, and Center) RL (Right and Left with no center) C (Center screen only) However, Flex is able to be customized to a customer's specifications should any of the above three configurations not meet their desired requirements.

What is the warranty policy?

Flex VRA is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defect for the first year (12 months) from the date of shipment. Should any defects occur in that time period, Flex will remedy the defect at no additional charge to the end user.