Tech Specs


Be heard, not seen

flexshade transparent.png

A one-way view electric shade for a sound booth.  Eliminate unwanted outside distractions while preventing lip reading during live-voice speech testing.

Designed for audiology

Each window cover comes standard with easy-to-install magnetic mounting brackets, wireless magnetic remote control, and light gray reclining material that looks amazing in any sound room.


Frequently asked questions

What size is the standard window cover?

Our standard window cover is 3 feet wide and extends 3 feet in length. This size should accomodate the majority of booth windows supplied by ETS Acoustics Systems, Eckel, Genie and IAC sound rooms.

Are custom sizes available?

Yes! For an additional fee, we can customize the sizing of your shade to accomodate any window. Please contact if you have a size that needs to be different than our standard 3 ft. x 3 ft. shade.