Tech Specs

Keep it simple.

Non-traditional toy VRA


A single stimulus VRA solution hitting all of the marks a traditional toy VRA does - and then some.  Enjoy high-definition dancing puppet stimuli on 10 inch displays, playful music with full remote controlled volume, and distract mode for OAE, otoscopy and tympanometry testing.  

How it works

What's the difference?

FlexBaisc is recommended for any clinics with low pediatric or difficult-to-test populations.  It can also be an ideal fit for smaller sound booths where space on the wall is limited.  


Frequently asked questions

How do I purchase FlexBasic VRA?

To facilitate installation, training, and follow up support, Flex VRA is sold through authorized audiometric equipment distributors in select countries. In instances where there is not a perferred local distributor in your area, please reach out to us at sales@flexvra.com to see if we can assist you needs directly. To find the distributor for your area, please click the "Find A Distributor" link at the footer of this page.

How much does FlexBasic cost?

For an exact cost for FlexBasic VRA including shipping, installation and any training that may be needed, please contact your local distributor by using the "Find A Distributor" link at the footer of this page.

Can I upgrade my FlexBasic at a later date to include multiple stimulus options?

Yes! Please contact us for a price quote in order to facilitate to update. However, keep in mind that we cannot upgrade your 10" monitors without touchscreen, only the software which allows you to access multiple stimulus options and upload custom content.

Is there a warranty policy?

Flex VRA is guaranteed to be free from manufacturer defect for the first year (12 months) from the date of shipment. Should any defects occur in that time period, Flex will remedy the defect at no additional charge to the end user.